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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Myslecinek Botanic Gardens Fine Art Photography - Polish Gardens

El Paradiso Mio - Awakening, 2010, by Danuta Antas has been awarded with Honorable Mention at IPA 2011

The Botanic Garden in Myslecinek, one of our favourite places for shooting, is located on the outskirts of Bydgoszcz, Poland. It is situated in a spacious and picturesque area of an urban park, called The Forest Park of Culture and Leisure. The development plan of the Botanic Garden was designed according to the so-called habitat concept in 1977 by professor Edward Bartman. He was laying particular stress on the preservation, shaping and exposure of communities and species of regional plants. The construction works began in 1980. Currently, there are 820 species of plants, including 460 wildlife plants, in The Botanic Gardens in Myslecinek. The garden also features foreign and exotic plant formations as well as numerous thematic collections and exhibitions.

Why do we love shooting in the garden?
First of all, we love the garden for its unique atmosphere and energy. Although the garden has been created in a close vicinity of Bydgoszcz city, it has formed its own, very specific space. The garden is spreading over hills and valleys; it has several ponds, a conifer forest and beech wood area. While walking in the garden, you may feel as if you have moved to different countries. It is because of various types of landscapes and plants that there have been created in the garden. I think that Myslecinek Botanic Gardens are not a typical garden, where flowers and plants are major focus of attention. Due to the climate in our country, we may have flowers only in Spring and Summer seasons. That is why the garden features lots of species of plants and trees, with less focus on flowers. Of course there are seasonal flowers, wild ones and other as well.

We visit the place at various times of a day and year, focusing on showing its special, almost spiritual atmosphere.

The images of the garden, garden landscapes, flowers, trees, etc. are available as FINE ART PRINTS.

 Written by Danuta Antas
The Source for general info: Myslecinek.pl

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